Current Program Status

Currently there are twenty-two local community corrections boards throughout Colorado and thirty-six separate residential facilities delivering community corrections services.  In four communities, units of local government operate programs.  The remaining programs are operated by private agencies.  Boards vary in size, makeup, philosophy and degree of program control.  The programs supervised approximately 5600 felons in 2012.  Following is a summary of the boards and programs that exist around the State listed by Judicial Districts.

A 19-member board is appointed by the Jefferson County Commissioners with inter-governmental agreements to insure coordination with municipalities.  Intervention Community Corrections Services, Inc. is the only program serving this district

The 19-member Denver Community Corrections Board was created in 1976 and is appointed by the Mayor.  The following programs operate within the City and County of Denver:
  • Independence House (3 facilities)
  • Community Education Centers (2 facilities)
  • Correctional Management Inc. (4 facilities),
  • Denver County Jail (Phase 1)
  • UCHSC A.R.T.S., PEER-1
  • UCHSC A.R.T.S., The Haven

The 3rd Judicial District Community Corrections Board is operated out of the Huerfano County Court, There are no community corrections programs located within the district.

The local board was formed in El Paso County in 1978.  The El Paso County Commissioners recreated and appointed a new 15-member board in 1997.  One of the three programs operates both traditional community corrections programs and intensive drug treatment programs.  The following programs operate within Colorado Springs:
  • Com Cor, Inc. (2 facilities)
  • Community Alternatives of El Paso County
  • Gateway: Through the Rockies

Formed in 1986 under appointing authority of Lake, Eagle, Clear Creek, and Summit County commissioners, the local board has eight members.  There are no community corrections programs located in the 5th District.

The six-member board formed in 1986.  The City of Durango and La Plata County share appointing authority of the board.  The local program, Hilltop House, was established in 1979.  Unlike other programs, Hilltop House contracts directly with the state. 

The 15-member board was created in 1982.  Various County Commissioners of counties in the judicial district and criminal justice officials serve on the board.  There is no community corrections program, located in this district. 

The 21-member board in Larimer County was created in 1976, the first in the State.  The local program, Larimer County Community Corrections Program, established in 1978, is one of three in the State that is operated by the county.

The board was formed in 1982.  GCCC Garfield County Community Corrections opened in September 2003.  The county constructed a new facility in Rifle that opened in June of 2007.

The Pueblo County Community Corrections Board is been comprised of the three Pueblo County commissioners.  Three programs operate in Pueblo.
  • Minnequa Community Corrections Center, established in 1982
  • Pueblo Community Corrections Services, Inc.  was established in 1988.
  • Crossroads Therapeutic community was established in 2009

The 11th Judicial District created a Community Corrections Board in June 1998.  The Chief District Court Judge in the 11th Judicial District chairs the Board.  There is no community corrections program in this district.

The 13-member board was formed in 1981.  Both a traditional community corrections program and an intensive drug treatment facility are operated by the San Luis Valley Mental Health Center.  The corrections program was formed in 1983, the drug program began in 1989.  In 2005, the facility opened a female wing.

The Morgan County board was formed in 1986.  Advantage Treatment Center in Sterling opened in May 2005 and serves this district.

The board in Craig began operations in 1981.  That same year the Correctional Alternative Placement Services opened in Craig.

The board was formed in 1984.  There is no community corrections program in this district. 

The 15-member Tri-county community corrections board is made up of representatives of Otero, Bent and Crowley Counties.  There is no community corrections program in this district. 

The 13-member board was formed in 1979.  There are three residential community corrections programs int he 17th District:
  • Community Education Centers operates one facility in the county - and Phoenix Center (opened in 1988)
  • Correctional Psychology Associates has two facilities, Time To Change, Adams (2003) and Time to Change, Commerce City (2008)

Arapahoe County Commissioners formed a 15-member board in 1980.  The three programs currently in operation are:
  • Arapahoe Community Treatment Center
  • Arapahoe County Residential Center
  • Centennial Community Transition Center

The eight-member board was formed by the Weld County commissioners in 1983.  Intervention Community Corrections Services Inc is the community corrections provider for the 19th JD.

Boulder County commissioners established the thirteen-member board in 1972.  Correctional Management, Inc. operates two programs in this district:
  • Boulder Community Treatment Center
  • Longmont Community Treatment Center.

The 19-member board in Grand Junction was formed by the Mesa County commissioners in 1977.  The county operates the Mesa County Community Corrections facility that houses community corrections and a specialized methamphetamine treatment facility.  The facility began operation in 1971.

The 19-member board in Cortez was formed in 1991.  There is no community corrections program in this district. 

Map of Colorado Judicial Districts