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Specialized Services

In the last decade, the number of specialized offenders in community corrections has grown substantially.  These populations represent offenders that have higher levels of criminogenic need when compared to regular Diversion, Transition, or Parole populations.  These offenders necessitate specialized supervision as well as more intensive residential treatment in order to address their criminogenic risk factors.  The Colorado community corrections system has a number of programs that have specialized funding and regulation in order to serve this growing population. The specialized treatment programs currently funded in Colorado community corrections area as follows:

Therapeutic Community (TC) for Substance Abusing Offenders

  • Peer I, Denver
  • The Haven, Denver
  • Crossroads Therapeutic Community, Pueblo

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) Programs for Substance Abusing Offenders

  • San Luis Valley Community Corrections IRT, Alamosa
  • Larimer County Community Corrections, Ft. Collins. 
  • Correctional Management, Inc, Denver
  • Intervention Community Corrections Services, Greeley
  • Mesa County Community Corrections, Grand Junction

Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment (RDDT) Programs

  • Therapeutic Community for Dually Diagnosed Mentally III Offenders at Independence House Fillmore, Denver
  • John Eachon Re-entry Program, Mental Health Services at Intervention Community Corrections Services, Inc. 
  • Mesa County Community Corrections, RDDT Program
  • Intervention Community Corrections Services, RDDT Program
  • Larimer County Community Corrections, RDDT Program
  • COMCOR, Inc, RDDT Program
  • Arapahoe County Residential Center, RDDT Program

Sex Offender Supervision and Treatment in Community Corrections (SOSTCC) Programs

  • Intervention Community Corrections Services
  • Larimer County Community Corrections
  • COMCOR, Inc