Office of Community Corrections
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Office of Community Corrections
700 Kipling Street, Suite 3000 
Denver, CO 80215 
(303) 239-4442 
Fax: (303) 239-4411 


Glenn A. Tapia
Program Director

Phone: 303-239-4448

  Glenn Tapia is Director of the Office of Community Corrections (OCC). Glenn is responsible for management of the internal OCC functions and supervision of staff. Glenn is also responsible for management of the community corrections appropriations and statewide community corrections policy. Glenn collaborates regularly with community corrections providers, boards, referral agencies, and stakeholders in order to facilitate strategic direction for community corrections statewide in the interests of public safety, effective programming, risk reduction, recidivism reduction and cost efficiency for the State of Colorado. Glenn has been employed with the State of Colorado Division of Criminal Justice since 1999. Prior to his experience with the DCJ, Glenn worked in various fields of criminal and juvenile justice in local and state government positions. Glenn began his criminal justice experience in 1989 as a staff member of a community corrections facility in Adams County. Glenn has been an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice/Criminology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Arapahoe Community College. Glenn is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Denver Graduate School of Public Affairs (GSPA) with a Masters Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. Glenn also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State College of Denver. 

Alexandra Walker
Interagency Criminal Justice Specialist 

Phone: 303-239-4690
Alexandra Walker is the Interagency Criminal Justice Specialist with the Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Community Corrections. In her role with DCJ, Alex is responsible for collaborating with other 
state corrections and criminal justice agencies in order to deliver effective assessment training, provide research and evaluation, audit specialized treatment programs, and help to implement evidence-based practices in the field of corrections. Alex has a strong background in criminal justice, community corrections, training/education, substance use and mental health treatment. She has been a mental health clinician, research associate, college adjunct instructor, trainer, consultant, and program director for a community-corrections based re-entry and education program. Alex is working on a PhD in Sociology from CSU and has been involved in a number of collaborative research projects. She also has a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. 

Arlene Duran
Community Corrections Financial Officer

Phone: 303-239-4548
Arlene Duran is the Financial Officer with the Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Community Corrections. In her role with DCJ, Arlene is responsible for collaborating with twenty-two judicial districts  across the state to ensure contracts are in effect, maintain the statewide management system, process all payments for services, and track the annual budget. Arlene has been with the State of Colorado 24 years, beginning her career at Red Rocks Community College as a program assistant with the Physician Assistant Program, and then transferred to DCJ in 2007.

Jim Pyle
Community Corrections Auditor
PREA Coordinator

Phone: 303-239-4460

Jim Pyle is a Community Corrections Auditor for Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Community Corrections. In his role as an auditor, Jim is responsible for auditing community corrections programs in Colorado for compliance with the Colorado Community Corrections Standards and for providing technical assistance to community corrections agencies. As a member of the audit team, Jim specializes in the areas of non-residential programming and victim notification issues. Jim has a varied background which includes work in residential treatment; transitional living programs; human services; mental health; law enforcement; offense specific treatment; community supervision; and private practice treatment with high risk youth and adult sexual offenders. He has performed in a variety of roles as line level staff; supervisor; clinical supervisor; program manager; consultant and trainer. Jim worked in the Sex Offender Management Unit at the Division of Criminal Justice for several years prior to joining the Office of Community Corrections. Jim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado has been an adjunct professor of Social Work in the undergraduate program at Colorado State University and the University Of Denver- Graduate School Of Social Work. Jim has a Bachelor of Social Work from Colorado State University and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver.

 Mindy Miklos
Community Corrections Specialist
RSAT Administrator

Phone: 303-239-4474

Mindy Miklos is responsible for the Specialized Offender Services Fund application and reimbursement process, the Child Support Enforcement Reporting, and is a contact for DNA questions. Mindy is a member of the DCJ Community Corrections audit team. Mindy has been with the DCJ since 1987 when she worked with the Parole Guidelines Commission and the DCJ Research office. Mindy staffed the early Criminal Justice Commission before moving to the Community Corrections unit in 1992. Mindy is a part-time staff person at this time and typically works Tuesday and Wednesday, unless she is in the field with the audit team.

Valarie Schamper
Community Corrections Auditor

Email: Phone: 303-239-4461
Valarie Schamper is one of two full time auditors within the Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Community Corrections. In addition to conducting performance audits of community corrections programs statewide, Valarie is responsible for assisting in the revision and maintenance of the Colorado Community Corrections Standards, coordinating technical management and upgrades of the Community Corrections Information and Billing system (CCIB), providing technical assistance to programs and helping to implement evidence-based practices in the field of community corrections. Valarie has been employed with the Division of Criminal Justice since 2006 and before that worked with the Colorado Office of the State Auditor. Valarie is a graduate of Castleton State University and has a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology with a focus on research and evaluation. Valarie also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.