Colorado Community Corrections Standards (C.C.C.S.)
The standards, established and revised by the Governor’s Community Corrections Advisory Council, are designed to establish minimum levels of service within Colorado community corrections programs and to reduce risks associated with managing offenders in the community. Maintaining compliance with these standards requires providers to establish, maintain, and consistently review the internal management controls process that targets various systems within the organization.

In 2010 the Standards Subcommittee of the Governor’s Community Corrections Advisory Council revised the Colorado Community Corrections Standards of 2007.

 Access the link below to download the 2010 Community Corrections Standards.

2010 Community Corrections Standards

In 2011, the State of Colorado Division of Criminal Justice (Office of Community Corrections) facilitated a revision of the 2008 rating of the Colorado Community Corrections Standards (CCCS). 

This report briefly describes the rating process and summarizes the overall results.

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